Home Equity Line of Credit

Access the funds you need, when you need them.


Home Equity Lines of Credit

Borrow the equity in your home for life’s biggest expenses. You are granted a credit line and you decide how and when it is used.

  • Up to 90% LTV*
  • Term of up to 15 years
  • Closing costs paid by TC Federal Bank up to $2,000

*Subject to credit and property approval. The introductory rate will be in effect for the first six (6) months after your account is opened. Upon expiration of the introductory rate, all balances will accrue interest at the variable standard Annual Percentage Rate (APR), which can range from Prime + 0% to Prime + 2.00% using the Wall Street Journal Prime rate (currently an APR of 4.75%) not to exceed 18%. Closing costs paid up to $2,000. Closing costs generally total between $123.00 and $6,486.00. The borrower shall be responsible for reimbursing TC Federal Bank for all third-party closing costs paid by the Lender on behalf of the borrower or $1,000.00 whichever is greater, if the Home Equity Line of Credit is paid off and closed at the borrower’s request within 24 months of the loan origination date. A balloon payment may be required to pay this loan in full. Property insurance will be required. Flood insurance may also be required. Programs, terms, and guidelines subject to change without notice. Not all borrowers my qualify. Information accurate as of 12/13/2019.